schema cera masterix

Produced in our plant with cutting-edge machines, Masterwax six kind of waxes have unique features, suitable to  get specifical results  for different kinds of productions.
Waxes are available in 1 Kg , 5 Kg and 25 Kg bags.

schema cera masterix

Masterwax waxes are easily recognisable by their drop-shape. Only Masterwax waxes come in this shape.
This makes it easy for our customer to recognise  the best-performing injection waxes in the market. Anybody will be able to tell our products from imitations.

An in depth study on raw materials  and market needs allowed us to find the 5 perfect formulations that ensure excellent quality results.

Our innovative project was born to empower the combination between Masterinject injectors and Masterwax waxes.

Masterwax grants best results for the most complex and thinnest models too!